PROOF: Steve Bannon Stabbed Roger Stone in the Back

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According to the Post, On Jan 16, 2018 — roughly five months after he left the White House – Bannon told members of the House Intelligence Committee repeatedly that he and political operative Stone had never discussed WikiLeaks or its boss Julian Assange at any time during their relationship. The testimony, part of Rep. Adam Schiff's Russia Investigation, was declassified and made public on May 7.

But he was called as a witness for the prosecution in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's case against Stone, who was charged with lying to Congress about his role in the WikiLeaks scandal, in which Democratic party emails hacked by the Russians and harmful to Hillary Clinton's campaign were published. (Stone has always denied the charges and the evidence suggests he is telling the truth.)

Under questioning from Department of Justice prosecutor Michael Marando, Bannon turned the knife. He said that Stone had in fact discussed Assange and WikiLeaks with him before Ba
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