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Feature Article by Jacek Spendel

Dear Project Arizona Friends, 

           Arthur Brooks says that everybody's life is like a business plan. An ability to live peacefully, with friendships, to be the "yes-man", and to take risks – all that makes our lifes richer and better. That is one of the lessons we took from President of AEI, who came to Phoenix, invited by our dear Friends from ASU CPTL. The ideas of freedom are chiefly concerned with peace. Recently, I had a chance to speak about the pro-peace nature of laissez-faire capitalism at a Roy Miller's Group meeting. I pointed out that freedom creates conditions for peaceful, voluntary cooperation between people, and absence of regulations reduces conflict between groups in society. Project Arizona is truly about people – and I don't mean just the participants. It is profoundly about you and your feelings about it. On May 10th in Scottsdale we will have a wonderful opportun
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