Product Review: Door Armor MAX Plus Set by Armor Concepts

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Having dealt with a variety of home security concerns over the years, and having watched videos showing products that are supposed to help secure doors against forced entry efforts such as kick-ins and prying, I was very interested to take a look at the Door Armor MAX Plus set from Armor Concepts (

What is Door Armor?

Armor Concepts is a company focused on providing "effective, affordable security solutions", with a Made in USA product line that covers exterior and interior access points, including sliding glass doors and doors with sidelights. They do not offer security doors; in fact, their products are add-ons that are meant to help secure the doors already installed in your home, whether you are a homeowner, rental property manager, or provider of oversight for a vacant property. These products are all purposely designed to be installed without a need for expensive tools or specialized construction skills.

For this review, Armor Concepts su
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