Still Think You Have Any Privacy?

Sometimes the things we learn about the internet are scary.

Most people have at least heard about privacy issues as they relate to personal web use. The sad fact is that the majority of web users can’t even begin to comprehend how much data is out there, how companies get that data, and how little privacy you actually have.

And then comes this story about the department of homeland security’s social media tracking.

Information that you put online is public, no matter how you look at it. There is no reason to be surprised by that fact anymore. And for the most part, unless you’re technically intelligent and very cautious, most things that you do online are being tracked by one system or another.

That doesn’t mean that they know who you are personally. They don’t have your name and address, know what you do for a living, the names of all your relatives, and the kind of car you drive. But they can observe bits and pieces of those things without breaking the law.

That’s a large part of our jobs as online marketers. And most of us do it for positive reasons. To provide you a better onsite experience, quicker checkouts, simpler and more relevant searches, etc.

Stay informed!

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