Presstitute Hysteria

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
Presstitute Hysteria

by Stephen Lendman

Operating as virtual press agents for power, US media scoundrels find new ways to embarrass and shame themselves – journalism the way it should be considered anathema, disinformation and fake news substituting.

Comey's sacking should be a non-issue. Instead it's called another Saturday Night Massacre and "worse than Watergate." It's neither. Reliable independent media alone explain what news consumers need to know. 

In the case of Comey's sacking and removing other Obama administration holdovers, it's a matter of Trump wanting his own choices in key positions, ones he trusts, serving his agenda, not going another way. It happens every time a new administration takes office in Washington.

Coverage of Sergey Lavrov's White House visit was a separate issue, creating presstitute hysteria – instead of reasoned reporting and commentaries.

Not in America, especially anythin
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