President-Elect Trump: End U.S. Support for Saudi Arabia's Barbaric War against Yemen

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News Story Source:, By Doug Bandow
The Yemeni people are paying the price for Riyadh's determination to reinstate an unpopular government friendly to the royal family. This commitment to rule or ruin apparently comes from Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, known more for his ambition than judgment. Incoming President Donald Trump should end American involvement in Riyadh's aggression.

Without a vote of Congress the Obama administration has joined the Saudi-led coalition in war. Now the rebels apparently have been firing back. Last month the destroyer USS Mason appeared to come under missile attack from Yemen—though U.S. officials admitted the ship's radar might have malfunctioned. This presumably was retaliation for U.S. complicity in the murder of Yemeni civilians. No longer can the Obama administration pretend that fighting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's war has no consequences. Washington has turned the U.S. into a foreign target, yet again.

Still, the administration played the victim
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