Precious Metals Market Manipulation?

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Feature Article by Doug Casey
For many years now, a meme has been floating around that the prices
of gold and silver are being manipulated, which is to say suppressed, by
various powers of darkness. This is not an unreasonable assertion.
After all, the last thing the monetary powers-that-be want is to see is
the price of gold skyrocketing. That would serve as an alarm bell,
possibly panicking people all over the world, telling them to get out of
the dollar. It’s assumed, by those who believe in the theory, that the
US Treasury is behind the suppression scheme, in complicity with a
half-dozen or so large bullion banks that regularly trade in the metals.
assertion is bolstered by the fact that governments in general, and the
US in particular, are always intervening in all kinds of markets. They
try to control the price of wheat and corn with various USDA programs.
They manifestly manipulate the price of credit (interest rates), now
keeping it as low as possible to stave off financial collapse.
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