Portals of Innocence



Demons live in an other-worldly realm and they typically need a portal to enter our reality. Many people commonly think of a Ouija Board, or other materialistic objects which can allow this process, but recent experiences by someone who contacted me has revealed that the pictures from this blog has allowed the manifestations of such activity to occur.
A portal can be objects of all kinds, and in this case it is something as simple as a picture on the internet. One would think it would need to be a picture which is displayed in one’s home, right? Not the case here!

Each year thousands of lives are inadvertently afflicted by opening supernatural portals of evil and destruction and this can occur with or without the owners knowledge. Almost always, these invisible doors are unlocked by people who have good intentions but demons have no good within them! Therefore, they will use whatever means possible to make this happen.


Our Free Will force field has holes within it, and these holes open us up to attacks. Only by using the Armor of GOD are we protected, and even still these demons are so clever that they await the opportunity to enter our space. This can create suffering from unexplainable, prolonged, repetitive or unusual health problems, severe depression, constant assaults on finances, physical health, or family and relationships and many other debilitating problems; even to the point of committing suicide. The ultimate goal of evil is to separate us from GOD!
The difference between just an attack and opening a portal is the attack is usually a one-time event, but a portal is material object which is used as a touchstone or channel for the demonic entities to move as they please. It does not have to be an occult object but by indirectly related subjects such as this kind of work.
So, I have redirected my work towards a less-threatening venue with ‘pictures’ which are NOT going to allow such activity to occur. Although I would never want such an event to take place, it has and I will do whatever I have to do to make sure it does not continue. I will be no part of it or allowing it to take place.

I promise to produce high quality articles which only benefit the reader. In that, the straightforward material will be utilized for GOD and His Purposes.

I will only SERVE GOD. I will never publish material which the occult, dark side,  nor any other entity can use to for their benefit.

I seek to never cause harm to any individual by way of media, words, nor comments.

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