PAYPAL SECRET BITCOIN PLAN REVEALED!!! HODLers Beware… Programmer explains

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News Story Source:, Ivan on Tech
TIMESTAMPS (thanks to Nate Lovell): Introduction- 0:00 SwissBorg Listing PAXG- 4:23 Market Analysis- 5:40 Webinar Shoutout- 7:44 Paypal, Venmo to Roll Out Crypto Buying and Selling- 8:25 Crypto is becoming "me too" feature in fintech apps- 15:10 Max BTC per PayPal User- 18:07 JPMorgan Completes Surprise Bitcoin Flip- 18:58 Incentive for Tokens- 23:27 Danger of DeFi Tokens- 29:26 Crypto Startup Opyn rides DeFi Wave- 34:51 Tether – 36:00 PlusToken Moves $67 Million to Unknown Wallet in EOS- 36:48 Q&A- 37:45 Q1- Are you running a REN darknode or plan to do it? 37:45 Q2- Any info of Crypto com debit card theft of millions $? 38:39 Q3- What about Revolut? 41:17 Q4- How much minimum money put in crypto can have some significant revenue? 41:45 Q5- How does SwissBorg store private keys? 45:05 Q6- Does anyone know where I can find info on the hacker who made 385M in Defi? 46:10 Q7- Can you briefly explain your thoughts on Flexacoin? 47:35 Q8- Is Monero going to have zkRollups? 48:
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