Part 7: America’s Twilight Years–Less Water, More People, Big Pile Up

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Opinion Column by Frosty Wooldridge
Part 7: How do you keep adding more people with a finite amount of water?  How do you survive that reality?

As the 20 years of Washington DC's stupidity plays-out in the final American defeat in Afghanistan during the next week, let us remember why G.W. Bush attacked:  to kill bin Laden after 9/11.  Well, our Seal Team Six accomplished that mission in 2011.  Why didn't we pull out a day after that event occurred?  Why stay there another 10 years?  Why lie to the American people who were giving up $6 trillion in tax dollars, their sons and daughters, along with massive amounts of military equipment?

I still wonder how our mainstream media neglected to expose to the American people that 114,000 of our young soldiers committed suicide during their active duty stints or shortly thereafter. Let's face it: Islam produces mass insanity in its followers and barbaric rituals that  confound the sharpe
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