Part 3: America's (Likely) Violent-Fractured Future

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Opinion Column by Frosty Wooldridge
Part 3: Racial separation, political turmoil

Is the sun setting on America?  Some exceptionally astute historians like Victor Davis Hanson, Richard Heinberg, Peter Turchin and Jack Goldstone say that we are in for one hell of a rough ride in the roaring 2020's.

What are the signs?  

Racial strife boils into violence at the drop of a hat in our big cities.  African-American gangs in San Francisco, Chicago, LA and New York City openly shoplift products in bags and run from the stores. How much do they steal?  According to crime reports, shoplifters steal $50 billion annually. (Source: ) Over 27 million Americans are regular shoplifters.  

Millions of minorities support Black Lives Matter and organizations fund their  operations into the millions of dollars to carry them to riot areas where th
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