Panama Papers: UEFA Headquarters Raided By Swiss Officials After FIFA President Implicated In Data Leak

Swiss police raided the headquarters of the Union of European Football Associations in the city of Nyon Wednesday to seize contract details, less than a day after the Panama Papers revealed that new FIFA President Gianni Infantino co-signed contracts with a company that is central in the soccer authority’s corruption scandal.

In particular, the raids sought contract information from a deal in which UEFA sold broadcasting rights to an Argentinian company owned by Hugo Jinkis, who was indicted in the United States last year for fraud and bribing FIFA officials, according to the Telegraph. Those rights, the Panama Papers revealed, were immediately sold to another broadcaster for about three or four times the amount that was paid. Then-UEFA director of legal services Infantino, who has previously denied any connection to the soccer scandal, co-signed the sale to Jinkis’ company, the vast document leak from a Panama City law firm revealed.

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