Owners vs. Managers

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News Story Source: By Butler Shaffer
When I was in law practice, I represented employers in matters involving labor law. My experiences confirmed how respect for the inviolability of private property interests was the essential element not only for a peaceful and orderly society but also for a world of individual liberty free of the violence and destructiveness of political systems. One of the things I noticed with a high degree of consistency was that clients who were the owners of businesses tended to take longer-term (timewise) and more philosophically principled actions than did those who were only managers of the firms they represented. Ownership carried with it a perspective that was inseparable from the personhood of the owner. Business firms with such names as "Ford," "Chrysler," "Westinghouse," "J.P. Morgan," and "Rockefeller," reflected the sense that the personality of the creator-owner transcended his own life and carried over into the family-name shared by his
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