Olympic athlete auctions off her medal to save a baby's life, raises big money

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News Story Source: https://thebl.tv, Jose Hermosa
Although Andrejczyk did not know the child, Miloszek Malysa, who at 8 months required heart surgery, the public plea of his parents moved her to the extent of offering the money resulting from the auction of her medal, relates the New York Post of Aug. 18. 

"Mi?oszek has a serious heart defect, he needs an operation," wrote Andrejczyk, 25, five days after enjoying her sporting triumph. 

She added: "He also has support from above from Kubu?—a boy who didn't make it in time, but wonderful people decided to donate their funds to Mi?oszek."

In order to be transferred to the United States and to pay for the baby's entire treatment, $385,000 was required, of which the family already had half. 

Thus, Andrejczyk was trying to collect the other half together with Ma?ysa's mother, through a campaign launched on Facebook.  

As early as Aug. 15, she was already announcing a winner via the social network, it was a Polish
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