Off-Roading A Tesla Model X On Autopilot: Video

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News Story Source:, By: Steven Loveday
Ok, we'll say right off the bat that this is not real-world or true-to-form off-roading. However, that's clearly not the point here. Instead, this Tesla owner takes his Model X out on the bumpy lawn to see if Autopilot can tackle driving off the pavement.

As you can see, he also took the time to paint some rough lane lines on the grassy area so that the technology has something to follow. Otherwise, things would surely get messy fast.

When we were in Portugal checking out the 2019 Jaguar I-Pace, one of the most impressive situations was when we engaged its "off-road cruise control" system to help us safely drive up and down some really tough, rocky grades. We had our hands off the wheel and our foot off the accelerator pedal. Still, the electric crossover fared nicely!

Check out this unique video share and let us know your takeaways in the comment section below.

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