Obama Reveals True Thoughts On Trump: “He’s Nothing But A Bullshitter”

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News Story Source: http://www.zerohedge.com
People Magazine decided to dedicate their cover story this month to their beloved "cool, even-keeled, no-drama Barack Obama."  And even though it will come as surprise to precisely no one, the story apparently includes the "bombshell" revelation that….wait for it…Obama can't stand Trump…shocking, we know.

According to two anonymous sources friendly with the Obamas, People Magazine revealed that Obama frequently describes Trump as "nothing but a bullshitter"…

"He's nothing but a bullsh–ter," Obama told two friends early last November, describing an election night phone call with Trump, in which the businessman suddenly professed his "respect" and "admiration" for Obama—after years of hectoring.

Speaking to PEOPLE for its new cover story on Obama and his wife Michelle adjusting to life outside the White House, the two friends quoted Obama's blunt assessment of President-elect Tru
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