NSA contractor thought to have taken classified material the old-fashioned way

Harold T. Martin III is accused of stealing mounds of classified information from the government for at least a decade, and investigators also believe some of the information was taken the old-fashioned way — by walking out of the workplace with printed-out papers he had hidden, according to U.S. officials.

The case against Martin, which was unsealed last week, raises new questions about whether the National Security Agency and other agencies are doing enough to detect and prevent their sensitive data from leaving the secure confines of government offices.

While investigators believe much of Martin’s material was removed before stringent controls were imposed in the wake of 2013 disclosures linked to former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, some say the system still failed.

When investigators searched Martin’s home, they seized several terabytes of data, which Martin stored on dozens of computers and other devices, and thousands of pages of documents, according to the officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss an open case. Investigators are still exploring whether he was connected in any way to the online leak of some of the NSA’s most powerful hacking tools in August.


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