North Korea Acts of Self-Defense

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
North Korea Acts of Self-Defense

by Stephen Lendman

When America or Israel test nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction, the international community and Western media silence is deafening.

These countries and their rogue allies constitute the greatest threat to world peace – yet are unthreatened by anyone. 

Claims otherwise represent fear-mongering to justify the unjustifiable, including out-of-control militarism and belligerence, notably ongoing wars of aggression in multiple theaters.

North Korea is hugely threatened by America's rage for regional and global dominance. Its nuclear and ballistic missile programs are solely defensive, fearing possible US naked aggression, threatening its existence as a sovereign state.

Yet each time it tests weapons America, East Asia countries and others call unacceptable, criticism and threats follow.

In response to Pyongyang's Sunday ballistic missile test, a May 23 Security Council
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