Normal Americans Are Fed Up With Feminazis, Antifa, BLM And Rioters –

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News Story Source: By Susan Duclos
I wasn't going to address Antifa again this soon, but a couple of patterns are emerging that need to be highlighted and violent Antifa and/or BLM members are part of that topic.

1.) Antifa "Feminazis" are using their female gender to become overly aggressive believing that no one will knock them right out of their face.

2.) Americans are getting sick and tired of the actions protesters burning cities down, destroying property and terrorizing towns and neighborhoods.

3.) The irresponsible liberal establishment media has blood on their hands and Americans need to hold them accountable.


In my previous piece I ended it with a video, one that needs much more attention because of what it shows.

An elderly black man, defending the Lincoln Emancipation statue, while a younger, masked white female Antifa and/or BLM member got right up into his face, screeching like a banshee, informing him that it was a r
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