Newborns To Be Separated From Parents for COVID-19 Testing

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News Story Source: LewRockwell.Com – Joseph Mercola
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the biggest funder of vaccines in the entire world and, according to Gates, its COVID-19 vaccination effort "dwarfs anything we've ever worked on before."1 Indeed, Gates push for mandatory COVID-19 vaccination — and investment in those vaccines — is historically unprecedented.

In an April 30, 2020, GatesNotes post,2,3 Gates even states he "suspect[s] the COVID-19 vaccine will become part of the routine newborn immunization schedule." In other words, a novel vaccine that alters your DNA and RNA — turning your body into an antigen-producing factory — will be given to newborns, if Gates has his way.

What could possibly go wrong? If history tells us anything, we know that just about anything could or will go wrong if the CDC mandates the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine on the newborn vaccine schedule.

Considering the vast majority of COVID-19 deaths occur in the elderly, why would babies, wh
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