New Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer: ‘the Dark Side? the Jedi? They’re real’

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News Story Source:, By Ross Miller
For those that are still reading, what you see is still light on plot but big on showing big moments — both in terms of scenery and explosive action. As expected, there is a lot of Rey and Finn (including him holding the possibly famous lightsaber), and new antagonist Kylo Ren — this time very, very clearly talking to the salvaged helmet of Darth Vader ("I will finish what you started"). While there's still no sign of Luke Skywalker (aside from the previously-seen shot of "someone" reaching out to R2-D2), we did get a few new lines from Han Solo.

The new footage premiered during halftime on ESPN's Monday Night Football. According to Disney's announcement yesterday, that also signals the beginning of ticket sales for the first showings as well as for a seven-episode Star Wars marathon that starts on December 17th and ends with everyone running home to shower (trust us on this). Disney yesterday also revealed the official
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