New South Korean President Wants Improved Ties with North

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
New South Korean President Wants Improved Ties with North

by Stephen Lendman

Moon Jae-In is poised to become South Korea's next president – assuming office as soon as Seoul's Central Electoral Commission certifies final results – after triumphing decisively with over 41% support in a field of 12 aspirants.

His nearest two rivals got 23.3% and 21.8% support respectively. He'll serve a single five-year term. In 2012, he lost to Park Geun-hye – impeached last December on corruption charges, suspended from office, then ousted in March, arrested and detained.

In April, she was formally charged with abuse of power, bribery, coercion and leaking government secrets. She faces trial and possible imprisonment.

Human rights attorney Moon earlier served as former President Roh-Moo-hyun's chief of staff. He co-founded The Hankyoreh, a South Korean progressive broadsheet.

He was a Minbun member, South Korea's organization of progressive l
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