New Dawn Special Issue Vol.8 No.5



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Australia: The End of Freedom?
We are Sleepwalking into a Surveillance State

By Steven Tritton


‘Islamic State’
The New Terror Brand

By James F. Tracy


The Pentagon’s Strategy for World Domination
Full Spectrum Dominance From Asia To Africa

By Bruce Gagnon

Dangerous Crossroads
US-NATO Deploy Ground Troops, Conducts Large Scale Naval Exercises Against “Unnamed Enemy”

By Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

US Plans ‘First Strike’ Nuclear Attack on Russia & China

By Jason Jeffrey

‘Russian Roulette’ & the Drive to Nuclear Armageddon?

By Colin Todhunter

The Great Conspiracy Against Russia
What is Really Behind the Campaign Against Putin?

By Dr. K R Bolton

The Myth of Russian Aggression

by Tony Cartalucci

‘America is the Anti-Christ’ Says ‘Putin’s Brain’

By Mehmet Sabeheddin

Multipolarism & Globalism
Two Geopolitical Cosmovisions & Their Spiritual Backgrounds

By Felix Alemán

Debt, Vaccines & Food as a Weapon
When International Aid is Used For Population Control

By Aaron Dykes

Agenda 21
The Plan for a Global Fascist Dictatorship

By Julian Websdale

The Age of Human Deconstruction

Interview with Daniel Estulin

Libya Then & Now
An Overview of NATO’s Handiwork

By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

If We Are Free Sovereign Beings
Why Do We Ask For Permission?

By Andy Whiteley




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