New Dawn Special Issue Vol.7 No.5


  Forbidden Science  

  on the Frontiers of Reality  




The Fairytale of Materialism
How ‘Fundamentalists’ Hijacked Science

By Dr. Bernardo Kastrup

Science vs. Pseudoscience

By Prof. Dave Pruett

Quantum Epigenetics & the Human Hologram Model

By Dr. Robin Kelly

Dr. Dean Radin Urges Science to Examine the Supernormal

Dark Pool Of Light

An Interview With Richard Grossinger

Gateway to Immortality
NDEs, DMT, the Pineal & Human Consciousness

By Anthony Peake

Open Systems & Cyclical Anomalies
Searching for Clues Inside the Matrix’s Hall of Mirrors

By Bruce Duensing

Does Iran Have Free Energy Technology
That Could Render the Military Industrial Complex Obsolete?

By Jason Jeffrey

Energy – How Far Have We Really Progressed?

by Michael J. Bull

Plant/Human Symbiosis & the Fall of Humanity
An Interview With Tony Wright

By Trevor Smith

Time-Space & the Etheric Template Body
Formative Causation & Morphic Fields Rebooted

By Brendan D. Murphy

Intelligent Design
Scientific Facts Point Us in a New Direction

By Daniel Neiman

Knowing the Field
Making Contact With Ultimate Reality

By Neil Kramer

Quantum Thinking

By Dorn Swerdlin

The Nature of Reality
A Quantum Scientific View on How Individual & Consensus Agreement Creates the World We Live In

By James du Plessis




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