New Dawn 162 (May-June 2017)



Rewriting Reality: The CIA & Hollywood

Patrick Henningsen exposes the insidious influence of America’s best known intelligence agency on Hollywood, and its role in the programming of society.

Free Your Mind from Mainstream Media Brainwashing

Some simple steps you can take to increase awareness and not fall victim to mainstream media brainwashing.

The Coming Techno Apocalypse

As the world is rapidly immersed in the digital matrix, David Thrussell sees an inevitable conflict between Tesh (technologists) and NonTesh (non-technologists).

Living on the Life Force

Brendan D. Murphy on the secret science behind the miracles of inedia, orgone & bodily incorruptibility.

Restoring the Doctrine of Signatures: ‘As above, so below’

Jennifer Gehl explains why your celestial nature – the arrangement of the cosmos at the moment of birth – has implications for personal health.

Body Maps: Unlocking the Secret Points on Your Body to Restore Health

Sandy Brightman offers a practical guide to identifying and dealing with many common ailments.

The Druid Code: The Magic & Mystery of Megaliths – Portals into Another Reality?

Part 1 of Greg Moffitt‘s discussion with Irish writer & artist Thomas Sheridan.

Demonic Spirits: Part of Our World

Like it or not, demonic spirits, along with their less spectacular and far more numerous brethren, are part of our world, writes Prof. Stafford Betty.

Who Was Julius Evola, Really?

Prof. Joscelyn Godwin examines the life & ideas of the controversial Italian philosopher.

What is a Radical Traditionalist?

John Michell, countercultural icon of the 1960s, known for his books on sacred geometry, earth mysteries and unusual phenomena, is today credited with popularising ‘Radical Tradionalism’.


MBS Supplement

Electromagnetic Radiation in the Home & Workplace: Its Effects On Our Health & Well-Being by Gerard Bini

The Information Universe by Jonathan Banks

Health Briefs


World Watch
Order From New Dawn


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