New Dawn 148 (January-February 2015)



Marching Towards Disaster

What’s Really Behind the US Push in the Asia-Pacific? What are the dangers to Australia from Obama’s ’Pivot to Asia’? Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya investigates.

Dangerous Liaisons

Former Australian PM Malcolm Fraser’s interview on Sophia&Co about Australia’s relations with Russia, the role of China, and the US alliance.

Boom to Bust in 2015?

The Predictions of Martin Armstrong’s Market Cycle Theory. Steven Tritton introduces us to the man who says he can predict the next Global Financial Crisis.

Chemtrails & the Nuclear Connection

What the Mainstream Media Isn’t Telling You. Andy Whiteley & Ethan Indigo Smith share their shocking findings on a little known disaster in the making.

Australia: Lost in Asia & Beyond?

The global community is currently undergoing a period of vast & unprecedented change. Where is Australia headed? asks former Australian diplomat Reg Little.

Transformed by Lightning

Real Life Stories. When lightning strikes, it can sometimes change the lives of people in unexpected ways, writes Australian author Louis Proud.

The Bible: A Coded Text?

Richard Smoley examines claims there is a secret code in the ancient scriptures, separating the facts from the fiction.

Gematria: The Link Between Numbers & Letters

Richard Smoley offers a fascinating look at the ancient technique of Gematria that assigned numerical values to letters.

Vietnam: Encounters with the Spirit World

To attend a Vietnamese Lên đong ceremony, explains Dan Neiman, is to be transported into a supernatural world of gods and spirits.



The Language of Light
By Maggi Cameron

Defending the Body Against Inflammation
By Christopher Vasey

Truly Healing From Cancer & Preventing It Altogether
By Katrin Geist

Health Briefs




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