New Dawn 134 (September-October 2012)

Final Conflict 2012? Engineering World War III

Adrian Salbuchi connects the dots of a long term plan that could take us down the road to World War III.

Interview with Graham Hancock

Ancient Civilisations & Altered States of Consciousness. On the eve of his Australian tour, best selling alternative author Graham Hancock speaks to New Dawn.

Mysteries of Antarctica

Atlantis, Nazis & Ancient Cataclysms. Len Kasten examines legends of Nazi bases and an ancient city under the ice on the vast southern continent.

South to North Migration: The Upside Down Theory

Rand & Rose Flem Ath present compelling evidence for human migration to America coming from the far south – and the connection to Antarctica & Atlantis.

2012: The Egypt Connection

Scholar & author Dr. Robert Schoch discusses the Mayan calendar end date and the possibilty of discovering the fabled Hall of Records under the Sphinx.

Who are the Rebel Angels & Why It Matters

Are angels and demons real? Timothy Wyllie uncovers the secret history of an angelic rebellion and its impact on Earth.

Embracing the Winds of Change

Intuitive and mystic Christine Page shares her insights on the importance of 2012 and beyond, and the vast potential for spiritual transformation.

Basil Zaharoff: Man of Mystery

Dr. Richard Spence investigates the intriguing and enigmatic figure of Basil Zaharoff, known to many as the Merchant of Death.


Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity
By Cellular Phone Task Force

Finding My “Self”
By Gwen Jones

Healing With Red Light Energy
By Maggi Cameron

Health Briefs



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