New App Lets You ‘Sue Anyone By Pressing a Button’

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DoNotPay is a free app that is designed to help normal people fight big corporations in small claims court.

Some of the biggest barriers preventing people from filing lawsuits in small claims court are the time and money that it takes to fight what could be a trivial case, such as winning a parking ticket dispute, getting a rideshare refund, or a refund for late package delivery. But a new, free app promises to let you "sue anyone by pressing a button" and have an AI-powered lawyer fight your case.

Do Not Pay, a free service that launched in the iOS App store today, uses IBM Watson-powered artificial intelligence to help people win up to $25,000 in small claims court. It's the latest project from 21-year-old Stanford senior Joshua Browder, whose service previously allowed people to fight parking tickets or sue Equifax; now, the app has streamlined the process. It's the "first ever service to sue anyone (in all 3,000 counties in 50 states) by pressing a butt
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