New ACLU Documents Reveal CIA Considered Reviving MK-Ultra-Like Mind Control Programs

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News Story Source:, By Derrick Broz
The American Civil Liberties Union has released documents from the Central Intelligence Agency's Office of Medical Services detailing a secret history of CIA torture operations. The 90-page account was written by an unknown top CIA medical official and explains how CIA doctors were looking for a "truth serum" drug they could use on prisoners as part of a formerly classified project known as Project Medication. U.S. government lawyers have previously stated that the report was a draft and represented the impressions of one single officer not the opinion of the whole agency.

Although the project was apparently never put into action, the medical professionals working with the CIA did play a role in human experimentation. The ACLU noted that medical professionals were "indispensable" to legitimizing torture and attempted to provide a "veneer of legality" for torture methods.

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