N. Arizona citizens unite Sunday in protesting against major hospital’s coercive vaccine mandate

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Feature Article by Andrew Strmic

Dignity Health's recent decision to terminate an unspecified number of the approximate 1,100 employees that have refused the companies CoVid19 vaccine mandate. Dignity Health still refuses to equally recognize and approve all religious exemptions and conscientious objections raised by employees. Resorting to the use of coercion and discrimination by threatening employment termination, and hanging it over the heads of the hospitals employees has hurt the moral of all employees and created and divisive work place. This has only created backlash from the surrounding community against the hospital's coercive vaccine mandate. This Sunday's protest at the enter-section outside Yavapai Regional Medical Center in Prescott, AZ was organized by Yavapai Rising, Free Americans 0714, and supported by many other freedom loving organizations and citizenry turned out in huge numbers on October 31st. The have been meeting every Sunday at 1pm since August earlier this year. Here are
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