My Jihad Against America and Blessing from Allah. (The Fraud & Weak Hollywood & American Elites)

The Way of Lucifer (Hollywood Does Dirt)

They claim that they are powerful, as they use banking fraud to inflate their cheap, dumb $100.00 Dollar Egos into 19 Billion in counterfeit banker notes aka U.S. Dollars. They run around thinking that they scare everyone, as they sneak into the heart of Africa and murder children under the approving eye of the United Nations and C.I.A. Yes. This is their claim to fame. Just a little lie from Ashley Judd, Jolie or Ben Afflect and tossing some unknown dead black babies at the CIA Alter is their claim to fame, film roles, jobs at the UN and film roles. They think that they are of Lucifer and in the club. As I recall, Lucifer tried to over throw the creator and God. Lucifer didn’t attack down but instead he attacked up and was granted dominion over the Earth.

I just read online that Monica Lewinski will be working for Vanity Fair and I couldn’t help but give a smile inside…after all, they did try to kill her entire family to protect Bill Clinton.  The Clintons have been the biggest frauds that I have ever seen.

At least, there is a certain level by the Bush Family of wearing your evil on your sleeve. Who can’t go around killing hillbillies in Arkansas to stop them from testifying about rapes by Bill Clinton, defend child rapist in a country like the United States, deregulate banks, decorate Christmas Trees with crack pipes to celebrate locking up of niggers as the NY Media calls you a TEH FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT and get adoring fans from the NY Liberal Crowd? Who can’t sneak into Haiti and run child sex slaves, fund death squads in Latin America and Africa and get into the US Senate, when your husband is the biggest and dirtiest gentile in America? Huh, Hillary Clinton?

Hurricane Katrina aka US Army Corp was the biggest fraud and injustice that I had ever seen. It is not the things that I have said over the years online (nearly a decade) but what I do not say.

I will never speak about the times that I could not rent an apartment in New Orleans Metro because I was neither white nor an out of town implant nor an illegal alien. I will never speak about the way Halliburton and Texas State bused in illegals and kept them in cages, as white men from Texas stood over poor latinos and whipped them with belts to clear land for oil companies like BP, Chevron and Exxon in rural Louisiana.

I will not speak about how the NY Times and Southern Poverty Law Center kept calling me and blacks in New Orleans the REAL RACIST simply because I was vocal and spoke against injustice. I will not tell about the year that I spent living in a tool shed with a generator in rural Louisiana because cops from Jefferson Parish beat up my female cousin who was only 12 years old at the time of Katrina in lower Louisiana. Did I cry like Obama or Congressman Ellison did when Obama was re-elected (allegedly) or when Congressman Ellison talked about Islam? No, I do not cry instead I kill white people.

One by one, from a crazed and racist media, to Halliburton’s running of child sex slaves to a narcotics pushing Sheriff in Plaquemines Parish issuing death threats via a hit team, I eventually walked over their dead bodies. I eventually danced on their skeletons. I have never lost a battle because I am blessed by Allah and my jihad against my oppressors has been a constant and silent fight.

A Muslim friend from Saudi Arabia offered to relocate me that country, the U.A.E. offered me a job to simply leave the U.S. and a wealthy girl that I know called her father in Turkey, and he offered me a job every year for three years but I had more white people to kill. I had more of America to destroy. It didnt really bother me at all with the B.P. Gulf Oil Mess, just another attack on someone that had already gone numb. And I see that B.P. is still running silly ads trying to repair their brand. Yes. I once again walked on the dead bodies of white people.

I have no worries anymore. I know where my friends are and who they are. I am friends with any elites that want to kill anyone in the US Media, Hollywood or US Government. I do not care if its a Senator, Congressman, Sheriff, CIA Agent, Oil CEO or whomever.

I kill white racist pigs because I will never, ever go from a big ass home to living in a tool shed again. Ebola Virus? Please give me a vial and I will gladly break it in Washington DC, The NY Times or maybe I will take it to BP’s main office and set it off. You people are not my friends. This country is not my friend and I simply have no intentions of ever seeing the U.S. do anything other than vanish from my sight. Only then, will I allow myself to think about the horrors of this country. The horrors that this country has done to me, my friends, my town, my Parish and to others around the world. Once America is destroyed, only then will I feel enough stillness to hear the Earth Rotating. Only then will I send the powerful one away from window at night. Ya see, I have already sat with the powerful dark one, at his dinner table and I licked the plate clean.

When you least expect it and when the scales of power hang in the balance I will be right there to toss the scales into the garbage, as I have done many times before. Until then, I will keep holding back all that I know and all the years. I will not speak a word.


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