My Answers To The Young Patriots For Liberty

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Opinion Column by Chuck Baldwin
Recently, a group of young people from an organization called Young Patriots For Liberty (YPL) asked to interview me. I was happy to oblige. I am always excited when I see young people getting involved in the political process—especially Christian young people. So, I am going to use today's column to review the questions they asked me, along with my answers.

—Begin interview—

(YPL) What inspired you to get into politics?

(Me) One cannot engage the salient issues affecting our liberties without entering the political arena. I actually despise politics, but, unfortunately, the people who influence politics also influence liberty principles—either positively or negatively—hence the need to be politically involved. But, specifically, the election of Bill Clinton in 1992 inspired me to begin my radio talk show, "Chuck Baldwin Live." Virtually every door that opened for my political involvement from that time forward was the result of
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