Much Rides on Outcome of French Election

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
Much Rides on Outcome of French Election

by Stephen Lendman

Establishment favorite Emmanuel Macron is heavily favored to win. He supports continuity, dirty business as usual. 

French aristocracy love him. Its power elites back him against Le Pen, wanting national sovereignty regained from Brussels control, including over its monetary and fiscal policies.

According to Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies director Timofey Bordachev, Macron, if elected, "will adhere to the Euro-Atlantic course…pursued by the current political mainstream."

He's close to Berlin, Brussels and Washington. Deplorable French policies will continue unchanged if he's France's next president – including its complicity with US aggression.

Overwhelmingly despised outgoing French President Francois Hollande urged his ministers to go all-out for Macron.

His spokesman Stephane Le Foll said he wants Le Pen assured o
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