Motivational Imperative: How The Largest Idea You Can Think Will Revolutionize Your Life From The Inside Out

Motivational Imperative: How The Largest Idea You Can Think Will Revolutionize Your Life From The Inside Out

There are people who are comfortable and satisfied with their present station in life, and the circumstances that surround them. There are also others who–knowing that their lives are short–are frantic, even desperate, to live fuller, more intense and accomplished lives. Motivational Imperative speaks directly to this second, self-selecting group of people. It describes in specific detail how to gather together all of the various energies and drives of one’s life, and focus them with effective, concentrated intent upon his or her single most meaningful goal.

How valuable would it be to clearly know, with detail and precision, exactly what your most meaningful, blissful and joyous destination in life is? There is some combination of what you want to do, be, and have that represents the fulfillment of your life’s work, were you to achieve it. This goal or destination is entirely unique for every person, and most people only live with a vague idea of what it is that they long to achieve. Even then, many only aim as high as their current level of courage permits.

Motivational Imperative offers a unique and sure-fire way to uncover your single greatest, most thrilling and powerful ambition for your life, by drawing upon your own particular life history, experiences, and natural interests and passions.

Without giving too much away, there is an over-arching theme woven throughout this book. Each of us will one day leave this beautiful world of ours. However, were it possible to pause and evaluate your life moments before saying your final goodbye, would you conclude that you lived fully, and reached as far as you could have while you were alive and had the time and energy? Is there some personal ambition that you would regret not having seriously pursued? People say, “If only I knew then what I know now.” Well, Motivational Imperative offers you the chance to know right now what you will eventually know at the end of your life. How valuable would that knowledge, and the ability to act upon it here and now, be for your life today?

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