More Satanic Panic in Africa

In Ndola, Zambia, two teen boys (13 and 14) are being sued for defamation by Kamba Ward PF councillor Oscar Himanga. Last year, the boys declared that Himanga lured them into Satanism with money and sweets when they were 5 and 6 years old. Since that time, they claim, he has ordered them to murder over 300 people.
According to the courtroom testimony of the 13-year-old, their initiation took place inside an “old warehouse in Kawama where they found white men who were half humans and half snakes”. Over the years “they continued to meet the same people in the Atlantic Ocean”, and the boy used a “spiritual computer” to kill people at the Satanists’ command. The boy said he came forward with his confession last year because the cultists had ordered him to kill his mother, and he didn’t want to do it.
I sincerely hope that Mr. Himanga wins his suit.

Also in Zambia, five girls have been expelled from school for allegedly practicing Satanism.

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