Medical Tyranny in Ontario, Canada

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Medical Tyranny in Ontario, Canada

by Stephen Lendman

The scourge of medical tyranny is spreading like wildfire throughout the West.

It's just a matter of time before it infects most everywhere in US/Western societies in similar forms.

Like the US, long ago safe and fit to live in Canada no longer exists.

Draconian Ontario mandates — with likely greater harshness planned — will likely spread nationwide.

British Columbia implemented a similar health and freedom destroying policy.

Much the same is happening in the US, UK and EU.

No one wanting their health protected and preserved should go near toxic flu/covid jabs.

If erred by getting one, it's crucial to shun more. The more gotten, greater harm to health is virtually assured.

Mandating them is all about instituting and enforcing medical tyranny.

The same goes for mandated health passports.

Requiring them for employment, education, tr
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