Medical Ethics During an Invented Pandemic

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Medical Ethics During an Invented Pandemic

by Stephen Lendman

Core medical ethics are all about prioritizing patient needs, doing no harm, providing known safe and effective treatments as needed, along with sticking to the letter and spirit of what international law mandates.

Under the Nuremberg Code — that's binding constitutional law in the US under its Supremacy 

Clause — all things health related require voluntary consent, no exceptions allowed.

According to the Vermont Ethics Network (VEN), core principles of healthcare ethics including the following:

"Autonomy: to honor the patients right to make their own decision

Beneficence: to help the patient advance his/her own good

Nonmaleficence: to do no harm

Justice: to be fair and treat like cases alike"

Doctors4CovidEthics (D4CE) are on the frontlines of sounding the alarm about hazardous to health flu/covid jabs.

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