Media Scoundrels Rage Over Comey’s Firing

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
Media Scoundrels' Rage Over Comey's Firing

by Stephen Lendman

Sacking Comey gives them another reason to bash Trump for the wrong reasons, not justifiable ones, notably for continuing imperial wars on humanity and deplorable domestic policies. 

The neocon/CIA-connected Washington hit him with a blizzard of critical reports. Wednesday headlines included:

"Comey's removal sparks fears about future of Russia probe"

"Shocking firing raises questions and stakes for the White House"

"Is Comey's firing 'Nixonian' or uniquely Trumpian?"

" 'This terrifies me:' Ex-Clinton aides express disbelief, outrage"

Comey's firing should make all of us 'mildly nauseous' "

"Comey's dismissal may turn the anti-Trump wave into a tsunami"

"The Comey debacle only magnifies the Russia mystery"

"The one things we kno
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