Media on all out Mind Control War Against Our Freedoms (Video)

I am seeing a pattern of the media using the word: Freedom in relation to murders. They are are an all out war for our mind and how we view Freedoms. It is a strong campaign from MSM to the alternative liberal media. They are very serious about controlling our mind and how we relate having Freedom to allowing murders. One article I show even has “Mind Control versus Gun Control.” They are twisting it to be “If you believe in Freedom than you have blood on your hands from people being murdered with guns.”

We seriously have to understand and stay vigilant against their “mind control” against guns and what they are trying to push to the public at large.

From Huffington Post using the Banner words ” Price of our Freedoms” to CBS Sunday Morning saying “Let’s give up the Constitution” it is old and outdated. The Professor is actually for gun control, he simply tried twisting the conversation.

There is a serious war on our minds by the media.

I have said this over and over and over again. I sincerely believe a way to show Obama, Feinstein and the media where we stand in our Freedoms is by joining the NRA! Understand a $25 membership can equal Freedoms for ourselves and our children. The NRA is the major stumbling block for our 2nd amendment being wiped out in D.C. I can not stress enough how I believe that joining the NRA in mass (by millions) would shut D.C. up! We need to stand together and united for this overt war against our Freedoms! It is now or never.

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