McCain Criminally Implicated Himself

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I actually feel sorry for John McCain. He has been my mortal political enemy for the past 14 years and it is personal. However, I get no pleasure from criticizing a dying man. Yet, he is like a bad cold, he just won't go away.

McCain has just admitted engaging in a serious crime and he responded with, "It is my duty".

Here what some others have said who have listened to the following interview. It should be noted that nobody defended him.


He is as dumb as rocks! They're all their own worst enemies and when you give them enough rope, they usually hang themselves!!

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Chella Taylor

Hi Dave, Here in ColoRATo, are news station KRDO.COM I COULD NOT BELIEVE SINGING MCSHAMES PRAISES….. OMG. HE TALKED ON AIR IN NAM, while being a "" pow"" Lord knows what he told them ! He left his 1st wife, ( she was in a car accide
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