Manhattan DA Continues To Claim ‘We Don’t Want Crypto Backdoors…’ By Which He Means He Wants Crypto Backdoors

Ever since last year, Manhattan DA Cy Vance has been singing the same old tune: demanding backdoors to encryption while insisting that he’s not demanding backdoors. The only way this makes sense is that he doesn’t seem to have the slightest clue about what he’s talking about. Either that or he’s willfully misrepresenting things. Neither is a good look.

He’s back at it again, speaking at a cyber security conference and repeating his ridiculously clueless mantra:

Vance, speaking at the International Conference on Cyber Security here, said that law enforcement officials did not need an encryption “backdoor,” sidestepping a concern of computer-security experts and device makers alike.

Instead, Vance said, he only wanted the encryption standards rolled back to the point where the companies themselves can decrypt devices, but police cannot. This situation existed until September 2014, when Apple pushed out iOS 8, which Apple itself cannot decrypt.

Right. You see, that “point” where companies themselves can decrypt? THAT’S A BACKDOOR. And it makes everyone less safe from malicious hackers and criminals. And that’s why companies are moving to real encryption — because they want to keep the public safer. You’d think that someone like the Manhattan District Attorney would be in support of a plan that keeps the public much safer. But Vance just doesn’t get it.

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