Man Was Warned Not to Post Police Brutality Videos (Video)

The Very next day I was home invaded. Illegally they have no warrant as you see by the video. I had just left hospital day before this and the police warned me to remove the videos I posted from them brutally assaulting me and I lost my spleen and other assorted guts to police brutality. I posted the videos and was then warned to take them down or else. Again the very next day they broke in my home illegally and Assaulted me as you see by this video. I’ll take a lie detector test to confirm what you already know is true. Coral Springs Police are as corrupt as any other police force you have an encounter with. Many police encounters are deadly. I almost dies at the hands of coral springs police and also their fire rescue paramedics. All are sick and sadistic and care nothing about you, your family, your home or your lives. They care not if you die in their care… It’s become very sick in these times your aware now of the truth. This video is one that survived the police deleting. They beat me in cuffs and deleted as many videos as they cared to delete. They left behind a few and I’ve posted them. The truth hurts.
Be well people pass on love today!

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