Madonna, The Superbowl and the TRUTH

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By Chris Geo

Symbol literacy is an important part of life and I thank my friend and regular guest Michael Tsarion for helping me understand what I see ; However, I’m noticing others who are not quite as literate in symbolism pointing out everything they see (but don’t quite understand) as a satanic Illuminati ritual. I think this is detrimental to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

While I’ve never been a fan of Madonna, particularly for songs like Vogue and Material Girl (which is ultimately programming to make the youth superficial and shallow), as a musician I can recognize talent when I see it. I was absolutely blown away by her Superbowl performance and the fact that she performed the show live (instead of lip syncing like many do) and even doing cartwheels in six inch high heels on top of that! Well, any performer/musician out there will agree that takes talent, especially for a 50+ year old!

So I sat back for a couple of weeks and just ignored the Superbowl (as I always do because I choose not to allow Madonna, the music industry or football into my consciousness). I never quite understood how the same people proclaiming performances such as these are subliminal mind control pieces can sit there, glued to the television, “exposing the mind control”. Most people who read or listen to “alternative media” or independent media (which is the new separation we’ve made for Truth Frequency) would never even be exposed to these type of performances, right? Well, doesn’t covering these topics throughout the internet community bring more attention to the mind control programming and expose more people to it? It doesn’t make any sense, but I suppose some will argue that we must expose it to break the brainwashing so OK, I’ll give them that.

Horned Owl

But that brings me to the whole idea of “exposing”. Many people don’t understand the symbolism behind performances like these so we have a bunch of misinformation and disinformation floating around making us all look like kooks and ignorant researchers to those who truly understand. Furthermore, I imagine the “elite” sit back and read these blogs circulating around and laugh at how ignorant we are and how we can be fooled into believing the “Illuminati” has more power than they really do. The fact of the matter is, the illusion of power is just as good as actual power!

So let’s break this down a bit shall we?

Minerva depicted holding an Owl

First and foremost, the owl does NOT represent Molech who was a demonic god of child sacrifice, which is actually represented by the bull. I’m not excusing the going-ons of Bohemian Grove by any means, but we have to call things how they are, not as how we want them to be. The Owl has always represented Minerva who is also known as Athena in ancient Greek lore. Keep in mind, I was raised speaking Greek, learning about Greek mythology and Greek Culture.

From the Greek texts (paraphrasing) “And from his (Zeus) head, he bore owl eyed Athena”. Athena has always been represented by the Owl. She can see all things and is the Goddess of wisdom and war.

Crown of Thoth as worn by Liz Taylor in Cleopatra

If you look closely at the crown on Madonna’s head you can see an OWL, not a Baphomet or the crown of Thoth. Thoth has a sphere surrounded by two horns and a Baphoment is a goats head. Furthermore, it does not represent the tarot card for the Devil. You can see George Washington posed as the Devil card and find a real connection to the Devil tarot and baphomet below.

Athena Statue, Centennial Park, Nashville, TN

In the beginning of the presentation, Madonna is brought out in a scene taken from the movie Cleopatra. She is dressed in a golden robe with an Owl crowning her head. She is wearing a similar garment to the one Athena is depicted as wearing in the statue “Athena Parthenos” from Ancient Greece which was replicated and currently displayed in Nashville, TN.

Football has always been referred to as a game that simulates war strategies. So it is fitting for a representation of the Goddess of War and Wisdom to adorn the halftime presentation of a strategic game of war.

The rest of the performance was nothing but fluff and fun, with Madonna taking off her crown or head-dress about 3 minutes into the performance and for the remaining 10 minutes entertain the audience with absolutely no symbolism (until later, when you see a map of the world projected on the floor and the lights making a triangle in the background). Some call this a pyramid, but there is nothing satanic, evil or demonic about a pyramid. The pyramid is simply a symbol of greatness and power. Then the world comes together and creates the words “World Peace”. This has been a “dumb blonde” talking point for decades, repeated by Miss Americas for generations.

While one might argue this is NWO symbolism and they are injecting into the consciousness the idea that we need a New World Order, I would once again ask those people how satisfied they are with the Old World Order and urged them to take control of the NWO and make it our OWN! I agree, their NWO is a tyrannical trap of enslavement that must be exposed, dealt with and thwarted. Their old world order is the same though just on smaller scales with multiple arms. OUR new world order should be one of peace, freedom and the respect of personal liberty and choice.

Human Brain (left) Eye Of Horus (right)

In conclusion, I would just like to say that we as independent or “alternative” media really need to understand what we are seeing and call things out for what they are. Is the music industry anything less than a mind control operation, which (at best) is aimed at taking your money and (at worst) aimed at creating robotic, superficial, shallow and immoral slaves? ABSOLUTELY! But when we point everything towards “satanic Illuminati rituals”, we simply show our ignorance and essentially give more power to the “Illuminati” by feeding into the (d)illusion.

And quite frankly, what’s wrong with the ancient mystery school teachings? The knowledge is “occult” for a reason. “Occult”, of course, means hidden, it doesn’t mean “satanic” or “evil” or anything like that. It’s hidden for a reason, BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT IT. I am completely aware of the deceit and dangers of the Judeo-Christian religions and the phony God vs. Satan paradigm/ mind control programming so why wouldn’t I seek out the “occult” knowledge of spirituality, the self and higher consciousness, the mystery schools, paganism and religions like Buddhism and Hinduism?

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: It’s not the knowledge that is good or evil, it’s what you do with it!

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