Luongo: There’s A Hole In The Minds Of Democrats

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News Story Source:, by Tom Luongo
To make a call back to the seminal 90's TV series Babylon 5, which I expect series creator JMS, now a complete shitlib, will destroy with his reboot (Definition: "to make worse and add diversity" — H/T Kevin Smith), the Democrats have a massive hole in their strategy to destroy capital formation in the US for the foreseeable future. 

This week Sen. Joe Manchin (D?-WV) personally blew up no less than five terrible taxes that were signature pieces of the 'Build Back Better' bill attached to this year's budget. It was a masterful performance of standing up, being #ungovernable, and simply saying, "You know what? No."

Now, don't get me wrong, I fully expect Manchin to cave at some point, just like Kyrsten Sinema has on a few things. But now that Manchin has forced Democratic "leadership" to strip out everything the Progressives want, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trapped in a hedge maze of her own design.

And it left
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