Louisiana, the most Racist & Polluted State in America. (Creole Data Report)

OMG! I am in rural Louisiana and when I tell you that Louisiana is a Grade A, Top Level Dump of Pollution, I am still not fully articulating the crimes, which are taking place in Louisiana.

When I say that Louisiana is off the charts racist, that is still an understatement. First of all, my sister lives in St Charles Parish, which is North of New Orleans and there are constant emissions from a Monsanto Plant, along with other chemical plants that are causing major birth defects in the citizens of that parish.

The local hospitals in New Orleans are routinely sterilizing women of color, in sneaky medical Nazi procedures, no matter of education/wealth level.

When I went through New Orleans, I not only saw major shipments of drugs and guns being moved by the FBI, local state officials and ATF into the Port of New Orleans but these drugs and guns are actually being allowed to flow into the streets of New Orleans, in an effort to fill a new FEMA Prison, which there is one in New Orleans and one in Plaquemines Parish (South of New Orleans).

The idea of having the federal and local government move drugs/guns into New Orleans appears to be in an effort to lock up blacks, maintain an apartheid-like city, where a few racist whites appear to hold all of the top government/law enforcement/DA jobs but also being used to shove working poor blacks out of New Orleans to make way for expensive condos.

Where nice New Orleans Style “Shot Gun” homes used to sit, now sits about 20 blocks of high-end, tasteless, Los Angeles Styled Condos, which are surrounded by decaying neighborhoods because all of the black owned business are being run out of the city by developers and people like Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

Now on to rural Plaquemines Parish (my home parish). The town is devastated by pollution from not just BP, but also from Chevron and Exxon.
I went to walk my family’s property to see where I could build a home and the US Army Corp of Engineers, which is really a front for private developers like Donald Trump and oil companies, claim that they need more land, in order to build levees but in reality there are no levees in lower Plaquemines but instead these racist fucks are taking land for oil drilling.

What the US Army Corp of Engineers is doing in lower Plaquemines (Empire, Sunrise,Buras) is taking land, building low level plateaus, creating artificial flood threats, handing over the land to oil companies and then trying to drive out the few remaining natives with so called flood insurance that cost over $20,000 a year in rural South East Louisiana.

In New Orleans, there were out of town construction companies that were paying black male workers less than whites, simply based on skin color because Gov. Mitch Landrieu wants to drive blacks out of New Orleans being that he gets a kick back from developers and gentrification projects.

I just started to get a boat together to go out into the bayou but on the East side of Plaquemines, the Wild Life and Fisheries are stealing oyster leases and giving it to white fishermen/oystermen, simply based on skin color. All of the oysters on my grandmother’s leases, in Buck’s Bay, were either polluted by BP or stolen by whites to seed their oyster leases and yet I am still waiting for compensation from the BP Claims Center, which is really designed to pay white attorney fees, while BP pockets the money.

All of this mumbo jumbo about BP paying out millions of dollars, is really a fraud being promoted by the local con, trailer trash media. They may have paid some people that amount of money, as a token payment, but most victims of the BP Oil Disaster haven’t been paid any victim funds. Even I have not been properly compensated by BP Claims, and I was going through US Attroney General, Eric Holder at the Justice Dept.

All of the property in lower Plaquemines, which was stolen by FEMA or Road Home Program, has been handed out to non-Louisiana natives or shady lawyers, politicians (like Billy Nungessor, Parish President and a Klansman promoted by Time Warner-CNN and Big Oil) that want to build homes for out of town sports fishermen or simply pocket stolen land from victims of Katrina aka US Army Corp.

The Plaquemines Parish Sheriff Dept, is yet another example of drug running and a hub for crime, which tends to happen when the Dept of Homeland Sec, hands out grants and Wall St Bankers team up with FEMA to build prisons…..because they need to create a crime problem, even if the town only has 100 people.

It appears that in Louisiana, they build prisons as a priority and then the local law enforcement agencies, parish civil servants and feds go about flooding drugs into areas, in order to create a crime problem.

I simply cannot afford to allow the oil companies, FEMA or US Army Corp to confiscate any more land and Plaquemines Parish cannot afford to host out of town fishermen nor cater to them, while the US Coast Guard harass native fishermen in the bayou.

The Coast Guard in Louisiana is supposed to inspect oil rigs for safety violations but in reality their main mission is to harass native fishermen/oystermen that are trying to make a living. Oil rigs (Chevron) not only has workers that do illegal fishing (out of season/no fishing limitations on amount of fish caught off oil rigs) but the oil companies are still very unsafe and have no respect for the environment.
In fact, since Big Oil and the Obama Admin set up an oil safety office, staffed by Big Oil’s People, the oil spills in the Gulf are going unreported. Even I could not find a way to apply for a position in these so called Oil Safety Admin Offices being that Big Oil staffed these offices with criminals and Meth Addicts, just like the MMS (Mineral Management Services).

What we need to do in Plaquemines, is ban all sports fishing, cease and desist the building of homes that host sports fishermen, ban the US Army Corp, get oil companies off of our land and close down all of these private hunting clubs, which I suspect are being built in an unauthorized manner on private property on the east side of Plaquemines. I DO NOT WANT PRIVATE HUNTING CLUBS ANY WHERE IN THE PARISH. THE ENTIRE PUBLIC HAS A RIGHT TO HUNT ON THE PARISH LAND, LET ALONE HAVING THESE PARISH CROOKS BUILD PRIVATE HUNTING CLUBS ON LAND THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO THEM NOR THE PARISH!

We need a global body that will either come in and arrest or assassinate all of these Parish “Presidents” and judges in Louisiana State; because they are guilty of racism and crimes against humanity.
Any oyster bedding grounds on the east side of Plaquemines must be closed down due to racism and the Wild Life and Fisheries needs to be abolished.

I am just trying to work out my remedies for these issues in La. State. I may have to try the UN again and have them come in and be the government or if I go to my global elite connections, all they will do is nuke D.C. because even they are tired of the trailer trash which hold political office in the US

Nicolas DuPlessis
Buras, La.

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