Lisa Bundy ~ Ammon and Ryan are in trouble and we need help!!

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News Story Source: Lisa Bundy

Published on May 3, 2017

Ammon has been held in a 2×8 SHOWER STALL CELL shackled and handcuffed behind his back for 10 hours for having a SHIRT ON HIS BED…….



Political Prisoner Ammon Bundy Tortured –

Posted date: May 06, 2017

by Patricia Aiken.

Ammon was tortured this week at the CCA private prison in Pahrump, Nevada.

Asleep with a shirt wrongly hung on the side of his bunk, guards put him and his brother Ryan, who attempted to intervene, in shower stalls. This "infraction" is committed by many inmates without so much as a comment from guards. Ryan Bundy was taken from the shower after an hour and managed to make a call to alert family and supporters of Ammon's torture.

Ammon was beaten, shackled and hands so tightly cuffed that his wrist was dislocated and hands swelled without circulati
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