Letter from Morpheus…UPDATE NOVEMBER 2ND, 2017

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Feature Article by Donna Hancock
TO KEEP UPDATED ON MORPHEUS'S CASE, PLEASE VISIT THIS FREEDOM'S PHOENIX LINK: UPDATE 2017-11-02 on Morhpeus Titania, aka Thomas Costanzo, Bitcoin Arrest 4/20 by Federal Agents


Thomas Costanzo

73285408 CADC

PO Box 6300

Florence AZ, 85732                                                                                                      10-11-2017

Hi Ernie and Donna,

How are you guys doing? I am doing awesome despite my circumstances. I have been working at meditating, reading, eating sleeping and playing chess. My head is in a great place as a result of finding out about Tibetan Buddhism. It is sooo deep, simple and profound. No god to believe in or disbelieve in. It&
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