Lessons from the Sutherland Springs Church killings. Greg J. Dixon

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Opinion Column by Greg J. Dixon
Lessons from the Sutherland Springs church killings

Greg J. Dixon

We keep hearing the same words over and over, the worst hurricane, or tsunami, or tornado or fire or terrorist attack, and now we have the deadliest mass shootings in modern Texas history and the greatest church related massacre in modern US history.  It reminds us of language that we read as it was before the flood, "… the earth is filled with violence" (Gen 6:13).  

Why does it seem that these shootings all fit the same pattern?  Even though the authorities, including President Trump tries to convince us that the shooter is "deranged", they all seem to have the presence of mind to carry out their wicked deed with the utmost precision?  They also have sense enough to try and protect themselves, except for the Muslim idiots who use bombs, by dressing in body armor?  They are also intelligent enough in the art of firearms to know which type of weapon to use
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