Learning Masonic Ritual: The Simple, Systematic and Successful Way to Master the Work

Learning Masonic Ritual: The Simple, Systematic and Successful Way to Master the Work

In “Learning Masonic Ritual – The Simple, Systematic and Successful Way to Master the Work”, author Rick Smith has combined the Secret Weapons of Great Ritualists into a structured process that anyone can follow. Whether you’re new to Freemasonry and looking for a jump-start, or you’ve tried and failed to learn Ritual in the past, this Three-Stage System will show you how to succeed. Most people are capable of learning and performing Ritual, but many simply haven’t found the best approach. This book lays out proven techniques and methods that you can integrate into your everyday life. The most common mistakes are explained and removed, you are taught how to plan properly, and introduced to Tips and Tricks used by successful Ritualists to make it look easy. Learning Masonic Ritual equips you with a Complete Coaching System, emphasising Competence, Confidence and Sincerity, to achieve your goals in record time. You could spend years developing and learning these techniques by yourself, or you could master the Secret Weapons in a weekend and vastly enhance your enjoyment and understanding of Freemasonry by becoming an active participant in the Ritual of your Lodge. This version is based on English Craft Ritual; however the techniques and methods are equally valid for any Masonic Ritual system. Here are some of the Kindle Reviewers’ comments; “Just finished reading this book and was enthralled by the explanation for time keeping and method of learning. I’m far from the best for remembering long passages so this will help and I will put it to the test. I’ve just passed to 2nd degree & will start on the 1st degree charge just so I know it. As you can imagine it’s a fairly long piece and when you’re standing there it’s a bit daunting. Thank you for writing this and now I can use this method for future reference”. – Mr G. 28 July 2013 “I wish this was available when I first joined the Craft! Essential guidance for both the new Freemason who is daunted by the work that may lie ahead, but also the seasoned ritualist whose advancing years have made it more difficult to recall and retain like he used to! Also a useful tool for Lodge Mentors to have in their armoury to encourage the less experienced mason to progress” – Jim Tull, 28th June 2013 “This book was written mostly for brothers working under the Grand Lodge of England, so the terms used for the various parts of the work, as well as some of the officers’ titles can be confusing to those of us in the southern U.S., but Brother Smith still delivers a good lecture on both the joys and importance of the ritual, as well as an effective means to help learn and polish your parts. My mentor took me by a slightly different path, but I still recognized some of the things they made me do; this book offered more light on why to do it that way, and some options to improve the process. An excellent essay, and we’ll worth the modest price. I’m sure these methods can be applied to all types of learning. Give it a try!” = Thomas E Ezell, July 2nd 2013

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