Lady Gaga will be the first “goddess” to sing in space

Gaga will be taking a ride aboard the Virgin Galactic spaceship in 2015 to perform in zero gravity.

Mother Monster seemed to confirm the news, tweeting on Wednesday, “GagaInSpace2015.”

The plan is for Gaga to sing at Zero G Colony, a three-day high-tech music festival at Spaceport America in New Mexico, the world’s first commercial spaceport. On the third day of the event, Gaga will take off on board a Virgin Galactic spaceship.

News stunts like this are done for more than to just splash the headlines and sell records. They are a way of getting the public to join in on the ritual. Conspiracy theorist Freeman Fly talks about how rituals and magic require audience participation, and “stunts” like this are another form of the ritual. The Illuminati understand that they are performing rituals to worship other worldly beings, so having one of the more notorious Illuminati slaves like Gaga perform in space would be a great ritual to show our adoration for the reptilian shape shifters of Nibiru.

It’s a concept similar to what we saw in Prometheus where the elite wanted to do a meet and greet with the gods and it didn’t turn out so well. The same concept of rituals to outer space can also be seen and his Reach for the Stars “publicity stunt”:’s released a single called “Reach for the Stars” from the Mars Curiosity rover, making it the first musical release to occur from another planet (that we know of).

The quote he provided is quite telling if you look at it from this more sinister view point. If you read it from the view that he is secretly trying to implant the idea that it is acceptable to merge the power of technology into our body and become a transhumanistic cyborg, then you can see how all of the symbolism found in their videos also helps push the propaganda.

“This is about inspiring young people to lead a life without limits placed on their potential and to pursue collaboration between humanity and technology,” said.

Of course that post goes further into the realm of transhumanism, but you get the point. Given the ‘goddess’ status that the Illuminati is giving Gaga with her latest ARTPOP album cover symbolism, it’s obvious they intend on getting that message out to whatever entities exist beyond our three dimensional realm. You can also see that USAToday might be in on the goddess worship by how they refer to Gaga as “Mother Monster”, alluding to the idea that she is the Mother Goddess (in the concept of Triple Goddess worship).



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